Thursday, November 4, 2010

Raining Today, if you've been inside so far

That's what's going on outside, if you hadn't also noticed by glancing from the window.  Also, you know, assuming you live somewhere around the NYC metro area (that you have a window, that you have light, that the light retains all of the classic characteristics we have come to know and love and forget, that you can see, that the window isn't dirty, and that I'm correct in the first place), or, let's check and see, yes, indeedy, confirms it: Messy commute for east coastville, USA.

You're tuned in to the local station here, listening to the mind drumming finger tip table top tapping out the rhythm of noxious mephiticisms that emanate daily from the inner being, right there, behind your ears at the base of your skull, tick tocking it's way around toward the visual landscape that exhumes itself, blissfully still alive and breathing and trying to make something from nothing. The classic effort, that, proving one's mettle in conjugation, declension, otherwise, language biting hopefully, sarcastic, referential though slightly hermeneutic, but basic, folks, quite basic, so let's get on with it.

The weather is cartoonish, painted in with the strokes of Micky and friends, first run batmans and robins, and the tunnels pour sludge they call subway cars, seeping in and oozing out from every little crack, the humidity omnipresent and thick, and did you notice that it isn't summer anymore, commoner standing next to commoner, having common convo, did you notice how the sky looks now, no? Neither did I.  But I'll tell you what, that summer [sky], that summer [sky] sure is gone, however it was, and whether it found some solace I don't know, but I'll tell you this: I would just kill for some roast beef, if you know what I mean. And there are bells ringing here and cows mooing, and the opportunity it seems, may have presented itself, like swiss cheese melting on toasted rye, I'll sit back, by and bye.

 Edit: I am quite sober.

Double Edit: Imagine if I wasn't?

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