Saturday, November 13, 2010

Holding A Glass of Wine

On Tuesday night of last week, I went to an event.  It was halfway social, and halfway professional.  There were a group of journalists gathered there and an installation as well.  There was also wine.  And for whatever reason, in my infinite wisdom, I took a glass when it was handed to me.  It seemed like the polite thing to do!  I just want to please everyone else so much sometimes, damn, it makes me sick.  I didn't drink it, but I did realize how close I was to drinking it, for the sake of, you know, doing something with my hands, and not at all for the sake of imbibing.  I successfully placed it on the ground once the presentation began and conveniently forgot about it, but my own nerves shocked me.  It is one thing to sit here and realize how substantially sober I've been, how weighty it has become, and another item entirely to go out and operate in that world and stay sober while, you know, doing things.  This will take some work.

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