Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was "pulled over" the other night

Btw, at times I forget to tell all of you the potentially interesting tidbits of how I got to where I got, without the getting there part.  So, here's something.

On friday night, I drove to a desolate town update.  A weekend getaway.  No problem.  Except that we drove into the town exactly backwards, a fact that didn't dawn on me, and one which I was stubborn to admit, even when my fiance told me so a few times.  "The clock tower is on the left." Me: "But the directions say it is on the right side." Her: "You've got it backwards." Me: "No, it is just that part of the directions that were mistakenly put down backwards."

Yeah, you get it.  We came in precisely backwards, drove almost all the way to the house, by instinct, and also, then, by instinct, I turned around and drove back into town knowing that we had to go "through" town according to the directions, but had not done so.  And when we got to town, the clock tower appeared, as previously scheduled by my mind, except it wasn't on the correct side of the road.  So, we turned around.  And then we turned around again. And then something that was very very simple became quite disorienting.  And, then, viola, as we were looking at the directions, flashing lights appeared disco style, all white and red, in the rear view.

You know what my first thought was, right?  I mean, I know you know.  I'll tell you anyway: "I'm fucked. Let me take some deep breaths, I've got to appear sober and walk in a straight line now."-- yeah, me, little ole sober me had to convince myself that I was sober so I could act sober for the cop, who, all of 10 years old, was quite concerned that I figure out where I wanted to go, and then proceeded to get there safely.  Somewhere in the middle of my blathering about the directions (as if he should know the directions precisely), I realized that I hadn't had a drink in over four months and that, no matter what, I couldn't possibly be in trouble for drinking at that moment.  Maybe I was a klutz, or stubborn, or just nervous, but I wasn't drunk, and I wasn't in trouble.  I just thought that I was.

Now, what was that!?

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