Monday, November 22, 2010

I was wrong.

At least partially.  Anxiety is useful, but when it becomes debilitating, and you, or I, don't change it when we can, it ceases being useful.   I know, I know, it seems that anxiety should always be eradicated, right?  Well, I thought so too, but I recently posted about it's usefulness.  And I wasn't wrong there--it might be useful.  But it might be so restrictive that it won't allow you to do anything.  When it keeps you at bay for months, or years, from a fuller life, it might be worthwhile to evaluate it's role in some way.  There's a simple method for this, but you absolutely have to write it down.  Okay, just list out the advantages and disadvantages of your anxiety.  Try to to list both.  I'm a fool, sure, fine.  But if you do suffer at times from anxiety, give it a whirl.  You'll only look like a food to yourself.  I think you'll find that, however unpleasant the experience of going through anxiety, it provides some modicum of safety, and unearthing the disproportionate way that it might operate in this respect will help to solve it.  I'll try to explain more in the next post.

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