Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Development of Taste - I.e. You're Lying to Yourself!~

What we think is good is not intrinsically derived from the fool on the hill we hope we'll go visit one day after some time passes and our bodies stop deceiving us; but no.  The way we sculpt out our own consumptive patterns is highly predicated on who it is that we wish to impress.  And while we want to impress them, whomever they are, by showing them how similar we want to be to them, we also show them, perhaps implicitly, what we think of them.

Of course if we urge our taste on others, than we probably think we're dominant over them, at least with regard to that item's field (food, music, et al).

The funniest suggestions, I think fall into the latter category, when person X, Bill, tries to show how erudite he is by introducing a seemingly avant garde work to person Y, Peter, but person Peter has been exposed to the work previously and is in fact much more knowledgeable than Bill.

Anyway, we're constantly besting each other with drinking stories in this way (to bring it back to drinking, as if you missed out!).  And while it may serve a purpose (like furthering our social standing,  or allowing the opening of friendship), it is also highly indicative of one's absolute obsession with alcohol and all things related to the bottle.  So find a more exquisite taste to procure, please, one that takes more than a few days.  I don't mind listening!  Or waiting, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Hi, stopped drinking 27 days ago. I had intended to give my liver a rest for a couple of days. I started to enjoy not drinking and have been keeping at it. I drank beer most of my life but switched to red wine a few years ago in the belief it was better for me. Probably would have been if I didn't consume at the same rate as beer. At any rate I stumbled on this blog looking for info on how much time to develop a new habit. Seems like a lot more than I had assumed. I find the cravings last a very short time but seem intense. The bigger problem is social and work related. I own a pub. Fortunatley most of my customers show more restraint than I ever did. Have been a pretty serious drinker since 16 and am 61 now. One of the things that helps with the cravings is hand/mouth, just use a stir stick or toothpick for a few minutes. It passes rather quickly if you're busy. Incidently, I have gained a couple of pounds and am already slightly over my ideal weight. I wish everyone all the best in their endevours.

David Radzikowski said...
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Anonymous said...

I just stopped drinking four days ago. I dranked beer since I was 15. Started on a 6 pack. Now up sometimes a case. Now that I stopped I am having a hard time sleeping. I twitch at night. Is this normal for just drinking beer. I use to drink just on my days off. Now its alot more when on vacation when I drank every day for 3 weeks. Just about every day unless I had a bad hangover.

Anonymous said...

Hi is 4;19 AM and is a usual time time for me to wake up after a drunk night with a bottle of wine, and this is been going for 4 years now, i stopped while i was pregnant but alcohol was part of my life since i was 15years old until now that i am 48. And i always thought this will relax me everyday after a stressful day but since a year ago i lost everything in my life and i moved with my child, and since I drink some weekend daytime too, i had to start my life from zero that i am full of regrets and that makes me more drinking to feel happy, but i realized alcohol is what it caused me to be a loser in all the ways of my life, never finished anything i started and this lead me to drinking everyday and crying about my life..... but i can't continue like this i love my child i want live longer for him and i was preparing for this weekend coming to get more wine shopping as is Mothers Day weekend. I just found this site tonight and this time i have to change everything for my life and for my child as a Mothers Day gift i will just stop drinking alcohol for good and may God help me for this.

Anonymous said...

Relapsed after 19 months
Had my last drink at 9this morning
Feel like hell
What the heck was I thinking

Anonymous said...

Anonymous... Wow a lot of piss heads out there! I gave up 12 month ago feel great and my bank balance said thank you could not believe how much I must on spend on drink! good luck everyone!

Unknown said...

I have been drinking for about 12 years now and mostly hard liquor, I've almost died a few times as a result. I am now almost 2 mobths sober and wondering when things gwt better. I have extreme panic and anxiety attacks. I also get very groggy and disorientated. How long will this hell last!!?? It's frustrating 😪😫😡

Vlad said...

Reading all your comments, they are so true.
I know that alcohol affects everyone in different ways. I was just wondering if anyone has suffered from 'grainy'(poor vision at night) eyesight and also Tinnitus as a consequence of alcohol abuse.
I have been drinking for 30 yrs. (15 yrs. hard and every night)and am suffering from these. I stopped last year for 3 months but the symptoms stayed. But I think I know deep down it is from my drinking. My worry now is have I done permanent damage.......Yiur thoughts?

Bill Lewis said...

I am 84 today. 64 years ago as a young soldier I slept on my trousers to crease them for next day big parade. Normal.
I was drunk. Yes I did do it. My trousers on parade were YUK! I was charged.
I have never drunk a drop of alcohol since.