Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thinking Big Impenetrable Thoughts

You know, it is really easy for me to think big thoughts.   Thoughts that have rough edges.  Summarize vast quantities of information.  Thoughts that are really about patterns of behavior.  When I'll start to "really" do something, for instance, or thoughts about general fatigue in life.  That type of thing. 

The problem with these huge thoughts is that they just don't move.  They're always there to reference, sure, and that is nice, having something to reference; having something to call your own, hang your hat on, find stability in, etc. But that is not why those big thoughts are actually there.  They are actually a check list, but I'm so far down into the thought that the wall from the line of ink is up 50 feet from where I stand.  Now how am I supposed to cross that shit off anyway? I certainly can't go find myself an enormous pen.  I also don't know any giant size people out there that owe me favors. What then?

Well, I need to make some of the thoughts manageable.  Thoughts about socializing after I start to feel more awake--excuse type thoughts.  Instead of waiting, instead of pondering the infinitesimal particulate matter  of what it might mean to be more awake (*yes, I'm talking to you, you there) before I step in to act II of the awake play, I might as well just merge the getting more awake with the next activity. 

The benefits of this are startling and happen almost immediately, and always make me wonder what the fuck I was up to waiting all that time anyway.

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