Saturday, October 9, 2010

Not Drinking on a Saturday Night

Not doing that much, though I'll tell it to you plain: I certainly thought about doing a lot of highly productive activities, layering them in over each other as other highly productive people might do, not quite to the extreme of synergistic simultaneous production that results in the eventual munificence of the collective whole, no, but maybe zigzagging my way into the procurement of piece of mind for sunday morning reading.  Maybe.  Then again, since I provided myself an underfunded mandate--since I knew my funding was low in the first (yes, i'm quite sure, but thanks for the urging)--frustration available in excess on a sunny october saturday that may or may not be John Lennon's Birthday  and patience a subway screech away--I instead found myself staring at Monet, and Pollack, and others, who, I'm sure, had their own frustrations, which was soothing in a way.  And now I've got energy for cheap novel reading on commercials of commercialized thriller film.  Note, though, that I did post here, as I planned in the first post (add link here).  I'm not drinking today, and, actually, I felt justified about it after listening to some jerks on the train who most certainly didn't share the same perspective.  Ah well,..

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