Friday, October 29, 2010

Successful Time Conceptualization

The ability to comprehend and communicate condensed time in a way that is not wholly statistically driven, and one that can bend/flex to a listener's point of view, will aid in the ability to achieve success, whether based on status, influence and/or general attention received.

As I write that, I think that I'm probably wrong, but I'll try to explain myself first.

The ability is general and abstract to start: How what you say and communicate and think condenses the world around you.  To take what is abstract--lived experience--and distill it down in a way that still maintains a semblance of the truth in the original whole.

The reason I'm wrong, of course, is that lived experience varies, that there's more than just one level of distillation.  The second reason I'm wrong is because distillation of lived experience doesn't matter if the receiver of that output doesn't do anything with it, or doesn't care.

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