Sunday, October 31, 2010

Successful Partying and Kids

Writing with a quick update.  Sorry, self, I've been out of touch a bit lately, preferring long silence with a book about Warren Buffett's rise.

Today I traveled to New Jersey for a bit of a Halloween party.  I was a pirate.  Not the happiest pirate, though, because the costume, purchased after work on Friday and before a different event, which I can write up tomorrow, was pure plastic, i.e. polyester, which means that it was terribly hot.  It didn't help that it was cold outside but likewise hot in the New Jersey Path train tunnels and stations, or that it was mostly hot at the event location itself.

Anyway I thought that we were going to spend the night at the party, but we're back, after a little bit of a mix up on the roads home (we got a lift).

So, I was sober.  There were a lot of kids there, all between the ages of like 3-5 mostly (old enough to run around in a giant pack), and the hosts were fine, just fine.  I'll write about something now that will be specific and revelatory and doing so, even thinking of doing so, makes me feel guilty.  But there is a point to it.

The party hosts were a male and female, married couple, with a cute little barely six month old daughter whom they care for tremendously and take very good care.  In all respects they are a successful couple, emotionally secure and compellingly attentive to what matters. Enough so that I didn't feel awkward at all with them, even when I normally feel awkward--which means that they basically have enough patience, or pure gut, to hold on and give someone a chance (not the first time I saw them, but this has been consistent) beyond what they may first manifest with admittedly at times misdirected behavior.  If this all of this sounds a little weird, it is only because I can be extremely garrulous, but I rarely start out in a situation that way.  The couple, the hosts that is, care about the important stuff, and don't find curiosity odd, and they provide for their guests (you know, a lot of food).

Here's the other fact: they basically have two other children.  For the past two or so years, they've been the primary caretakers of, well [the now tragically deceased sister of the wife in the husband/wife pair], these two beautiful children.  They're sparkling little creatures who produced in me the urge to procreate with the hopes that I'll get someone somewhere close, one day, to what they are today.  I said the urge to procreate, not the urge to try to procreate.  I'm serious--which immediately sounds obvious to a lot of you out there that have children or know this feeling and simultaneously (jednoczesnie) horribly strange and foreign.  Either way.  Either way, funny thing is, the Father of the children was there, at the party, and guess what his main activity, his main function, or focus, or goal, for the evening seemed to be?  You guessed it:

More in my next post.

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