Sunday, February 20, 2011


I always liked to cook when it was convenient to like it--that is, when I had free time to do so, and when it wasn't too intricate.  I still think that cooking doesn't have to be that hard, and turns out, it can be extremely rewarding too.  Most notably: you get to see and know what you ingest, and have some sort of reward for preparing it.  It slows you down and makes you aware of your hunger, and just what to do to help satisfy yourself.  But, by far the biggest pay off is that I can pretty much diffuse any fights between me and my better half by making some food. Lots and lots of fights occur because we're needy, and cooking allows needs to be met.  It doesn't work with everything, sure, but it sure does help with a lot of things.  So, next time you're fighting with your significant other, or you are cranky and irritable, or just feel lost, ask questions about basic nutrition.  I'm just beginning this process, and although it can be taken to the extreme (what can't), what it often is, especially when empty calories are cheap and abundant, is a check on the pleasure seeking self, and a relationship balm too!

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