Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everybody's an Asshole, and: You don't have to go to AA: but you can't drink.

I don't care if everyone is an asshole.  Still doesn't give you a right to drink.

Consider the idea that deciding not to drink resets your emotional development.  You'll have to relearn how to talk, act, think, and be, and most importantly, you'll have a new life that is a) much much less exciting and b) much much more predictable.  Do you like that?  Doesn't have to be bad--it is just bad for the part of you that wants constant attention and excitement.  The short term pleasure seeking hungry part.  Go prepare a meal--learn how to cook.  Take your time.  What are you rushing for anyway?  To go do what?  If you don't have to go drink, there's no need to rush through the rest of your life to go have a drink.

If you accept the new beginning idea, that means you'll give yourself less of a bar to pass.  You won't say "I already know how to do this activity," and then feel bad about not being able to do it adequately.  Instead, you'll try something out, and think about every situation you face as possibility to learn one thing.  Then, if you fuck up a little, that's par.  If you don't, then you're doing really well.

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