Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Low Sugar. Nutrition and Alcohol.

Listen, there's a lot of rational (and not so rational) machinery that's been coming out of this blog in the last few weeks, which is fine. Much of it has concerned how we act, how we move on impulse, or restrain ourselves, whether our actions are rational, how they match up with each other in the short and long term, etc., but let me point to something else that needs highlighting too: if you're trying not to drink, you'd do yourself a favor to eat well.

At times--not all times, but some times--an urge to drink is really your body telling you, or me, that it is damn hungry and needs something, anything.  Booze serves a great purpose in this respect, and it is hard to separate out booze's impact as compared to the sated feeling we experience after eating, or when seeing friends, for instance, or all of the other changes in our worlds that happens routinely when we drink. 

So, right now, I'm low on food, and will seek something.

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caliwoman said...

This is day 3 I have tried to quit so many times.Been drinking for as long as I can remember. Nightly, long weekends that were endless. I am the master at covering or maybe I am not? Lately I have been having blackouts. How did I get home? Oh dear god what did I say? This is paralyzing. My partner drinks also, not as much as I do. But I am afraid this is part of our life together. I want to do this so bad, but I am lost. This sounds strange but I dont know who I am its been so long. I liked this site cause it had some hints and I didnt feel so along. Yesterday I was eating like a mad woman didnt understand why??? After reading here it has helped. Were any of you as afraid of being sober as of not?