Thursday, February 10, 2011

Off Track

Sorry, the point of the last post was to say: I wrote this paragraph.  It said something like: you never know when things will change for the better, so keep working on it.

But let me be clear.  Or say what is becoming clear.  Despite becoming glaringly aware of my shortcomings (a tendency to, alternatively, talk too much or too little, be anti-social, demand tremendously unrealistic things from myself and others, neglect my body and mind, criticize, nag, not be open-minded to ideas that could really help me out, and to slack off, and drink too much coffee, and to throw a fit if things don't go my way), not drinking alcohol has helped me in more ways that I could hope to count, and I'll definitely continue on to my 30th birthday, in late August of this year, and potentially onward into the future forever.  I haven't really decided that yet, but do think it could only be beneficial for me to be uncomfortably sober at times, however unintuitive that might seem.

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