Monday, May 27, 2013

Exercise (and no booze)

Here's a post to remind all sufferers of substance-dependence issues to get out and exercise, even a little bit.  It makes a huge difference in mood, self-perception, and the capacity to concentrate and prioritize.

I don't care what it does for one's body, i.e. weight loss, in other words, however nice that may be; the primary effect is in the mind.

The other side to this coin is: watch your sugar and refined carb intake.  Sugar and refined carbs (I'm thinking anything with white flour) are basically bad news for mood (I can ruin half a day by eating a bunch of shit), unless exercising strenuously, when they can be used for fuel.  Sure, they feel good going down, but so does a nice cold one on a day very much like this memorial day.

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