Monday, May 6, 2013

How Long To Live A Lie?

I wonder if we wait out living a lie in the present for a hope at something "true" and "real" in the future, and if so, how long it takes to start to accept the present for reality, and at what increments the true present reality intercedes or overlays to displace the perceived potential future.

I think about 5-10 years, in general, though I know there are outliers.

The other question I have is at what level of specificity folks hold out for their dreams.  My guess is that dreams are vague and opaque at best, and if there was any actual flesh on the meat of the matter, the dream would look mightily different.  Which begs the question perhaps: if we know that are dreams are by definition inaccurate, well, we sort of also know that we would never want to have those dreams in reality, since having them would necessitate their destruction.

Likely result: change dreams.

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