Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here We Are

Lacking apt metaphors.

Staring at each other.


Flinging out dreams of ambiguity and eventual decay.

Abusing ourselves for the sake of survival.

Finding solace in twisted drama.


Jumping viciously from one point to the next.  Forgetting the bread crumbs.

Unavailable and bad at listening.




Monitoring the precursors to the threat to the end of the beginning of whatever it is we've told ourselves it is we've found, and scrambling meanwhile, in the substrate of our dual selves, to figure it all out before the threat manifests.

Adjusting past architectural commemorative for new needed commemorations. Wondering why new needed commemorations went astray.

Lacking apt metaphors.

Glancing fleeting ephemeral mirror reflection enough to tie stomach in knots.

Enough to find smeared vaseline smiles in great vats of opacity.

Enough already.  Enough.

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