Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What's Obvious Now

When I watch Charlie Sheen, I can recognize something very very quickly--and it is stunning and dear to me.  It is precisely how out of it (self-righteous, conceited, fast talking, angry at anyone who didn't agree with me, and needlessly extreme, all the while slowly changing my perceptions and opinions to garner team-maters) I used to be. Ouch.  Booze allows and encourages this behavior to a large extent.  I could never drink enough.  I'd drink other people's drinks from the table!  I would always have one more.  To what end?  To precisely the end where my mind would be quiet.  Peaceful.  Rested.  But at what cost?  Good God, Charlie, is that what you call rested? 


Anonymous said...

Aren't you being just a tad paternalistic? To each their own. Sober's good for you, and it's good for me, too; but it doesn't mean it's good for everyone. For all I know, Charlie could well be happiest he can possibly be.

hmm said...

yeah, i'm referring only to myself here, really. it's just that i can remember feeling exactly like i think charlie feels, and that's my reflection on it now. i don't know what he feels, and i don't think i'm really happy now, and emotions are messy things, and i'm not telling everyone else they need to be sober. just that something about his speech patterns and body language reminded me of myself.