Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happiness is Static

Here's another sobering thought:  we don't *really* control how happy we are, and can't do much to change it.  That's right, we'll pretty much adapt to new and changing circumstances and adjust our levels of happiness accordingly.   So, what's the way to increase happiness, or, what do we really like the most outside of carnal pleasures?  Being challenged up to the level of our current abilities and staying completely focused on one goal.  My guess is that if you really think about it, you'll agree.  So let's stop beating ourselves up for not being supremely happy all the time, or, conversely, recognize that we have varying levels of happiness, and that half of the population will be happier and more affected than the other half.  There are exercises, like cognitive behavioral therapy (and also prozac) that can change your core happiness too.  By the way, all of these thoughts are coming from an amazingly insightful and beautifully written book that should be required reading (about about 100 pages through now):

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