Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Living Results

This will be simplistic.  But, carrying forward I'd like to try to diminish ego drives as much as possible.  I think it is still feasible to gain happiness outside of ego-based incentive, for instance.  Part of that calculation is lowering my own standards (so that they can be met) and part of it is changing the situations/circumstances where I find the most joy.  I mean joy here in the broadest sense to include both short and long term, so that, for instance, I can have some release from a hard taxing day and also some major attainment of bigger life goals.  That's easy to say, or write, and harder to accomplish, but in a very essential way, life is about a) deciding what you want and b) attaining those items/experiences with the least cost and c) what happens when B feeds back into A to change A and thus the direction B may take (which feeds back to A).  It helps to delineate, if at all possible, to create discrete goals.  This lowers the fluidity of feedback loops between A and B but increases the chances of B's success.  There's some tension, in other words. 

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