Tuesday, August 24, 2010


A little sturdy oatmeal helps the digestion process.  Or perhaps something else nutritious.  You should have a fall back, a default, for every time you have an urge to pick up a glass, or a joint, or x.  That's why tea makes sense: because you can keep doing it with almost no bad results.  Of course, you'll get a bit jolted from the caffeine, but it's nothing like the waterfall of a coffee binge, and your urge will probably pass by your eighth cup, or you third bowl of oatmeal, if that's the case.  But not candy!  Heavens no.

I've also conjured up a new (and only tangentially related) formula: Foreign + You Can Eat it + Sweet = Loved by Americans.


Anonymous said...

"Foreign + You Can Eat it + Sweet = Loved by Americans"

Which means that Loved by Americans - You Can Eat it - Sweet = Foreign


hmm said...

ok ok, = Americanized soon!

Anonymous said...

Sweet=Loved by Americans-Foreign-You Can Eat it-Foreign

You Can Eat it=Loved by Americans-Sweet-Foreign


Just doing some algebra.