Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tip # 3

Don't be afraid of eating food.  You don't have to trade in bad drinking for good food the whole time, but maybe your body has become used to the alcohol as food, which means that a lot of the possible food choices out there are better for you.  It also means that it will take some time to transition back to where you should be.

Remember the bliss of childhood?  full days swollen with seemingly infinite time to swim in a momentum of sunlight; to swallow the start of a summer, when school couldn't even exist for years, and the sap ran from trees you scarred with messages of both aphasic and inexplicably translucent, utterly available messages that were special prizes for a day, which was enough. Nothing needed permanence. A journey, really, all the time. Not all of childhood was like this, that's true.  But that's okay.

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