Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not Drinking and Others 2

 Last night, I "wasn't drinking" because of upcoming surgery.  To be sure, I didn't extend this example outward for dessert after dinner.  It wasn't even an appetizer, but, by some perfectly ordinarily and deceptively strange swing of chance, the host pulled out a made-for-the-evening punch, with blueberries in ice, and announced the question "everybody here drinks alcohol, right?", which I found funny, since he didn't say booze, or liquor or anything, so that it sounded clinical to me, a disclaimer: I presume at the start of these trials, that you're well adapted to the ingestion of chemical substances containing portions approaching one half ethyl alcohol, one quarter quarter highly sugared crystalline powder based red drink mix, and a dusting of well known psychoactive substance that may freak you out but which is highly acceptable in normal discourse, particularly personal entertainment in circles of the local intelligentsia. Sure, sure, who's not ready to partake?  Well, I offered with a meek hand, as if I might rush to a draft and close a window or change the subject, that I might not be in the grandest of drinking moods on this particular evening anyway, so would prefer water.  It was accepted.

The trick to performing well in job interview is to provide answers to questions that evoke further questions, not out of necessity for competence, but out of excitement.  Similarly, one must proffer some aspect, or tendril, depending on how eagerly a friend may be to hold down the smooth layers of the scene, of plausible rational.  I had nothing, but he had everything: the coming surgery, no?  Tell me about that?  No, don't want to mess around with booze or anything until the surgery is over!  So, when is it?  And my mom has the same thing, or had it, and she too didn't want to partake in my cocktail, which was perfectly understandable, given the nature of doctors orders.

So basically I let a lie maintain relevance, because it was easier.  No big deal.  But I did catch myself daydreaming today about the possibility of having a few drinks on my birthday since it was the technical start date of the none-drinking zone.  Ah well.

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