Friday, July 6, 2012

Take Something Seriously, and Another Thing . . . Not Seriously

That's my lesson for the day.  It is important to take one thing seriously, whatever it is.  You might exercise seriously, or clean seriously, or be spirutual seriously, or whatever.  Sobriety is serious business!

But we also have to find a way to take one thing not seriously.  We don't need to mock that thing, but we need to use it as a foil in how we treat ourselves, so we have some relief, some outlet.  After all, a  lot of the reason drinking holds/held such an appeal was because of its potential to offer an outlet from the pressure cooker of our heads.  I think at least half of this was due to expectation.

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Mrs D said...

Great advice. Timely for me. Thanks. xxx (now to think about what to not take seriously)