Sunday, July 15, 2012

Check In: Self-Pressure

Well, I'm not drinking.  That'll be the first thing.  But here in NYC it has been relatively hot and humid, and yes, I'm complaining.  I don't care if it is normal or not normal or temperate, or bloody-hell intemperate, it is uncomfortable.  And I'm too stubborn to buy an A/C yet, so hey, here I am, cranking away in a fan-chilled room with a cup of hot green tea and a head that's decently clear on a Sunday morning when I should be out riding my bike or running or grocery shopping, or STOP if you've heard this one before?

Oh, you have?  Is it because you've experiencing the same kind of numbing self-pressure that I experience?  Is that a new found sober personality characteristic?

Either way, I'm taking this weekend "off" from all of the exercise madness, and all of the outside of work hellish projects, and just existing, not trying to think about all of the work that I'm not getting done.  And slowly, slowly, it (my self) is starting to relax a little bit, and take things in stride.  Work will come, as it always does, but the lesson is just this: to be productive, we must--must.  this is not mandatory--not work all the time, even given the opportunity to work all the time, which many of us would prefer to do (especially if many of us see our "work" lives, as in the 9-5 as just something we must do).

Anyway, a point about that too: work lives are our lives, too, and we should try to take stock and correct mistaken emotional assumptions in that realm too, to the degree we can do that.  I.e. instead of outrage at unfairness, or perceived X, try to see the bigger picture.

Try, in broad strokes, to be involved in more than one emotionally-meaning-producing activity in your life so you don't have to make statements like "X doesn't matter because I have Y," and I think you and I will be happier little campers going forward.  Hot sweaty squishy campers in a jungle swamp.

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