Monday, July 23, 2012

Four Thousand Dollar Pens -

I'm the first to admire a fine writing instrument, okay.  I won't forsake such a thing, but, hey, let's face it: we don't write that much.

And another thing.  Pens tend to get lost.  Like, "whoops, no longer available for my use and will likely never be again, especially if it costs 4k."

Which is why I can't help but sort of drool at this four thousand dollar pen.  I could set you up with a very good stereo for that, and include a fair bit of music.  I could also get you two very good bicycles.  Or one bike and one stereo.

Then again, bikes and stereos are things to show off with too, so it might be hard to find one that satisfies you if you're the kind of person who considers dropping 4k on a pen.  A pen folks.  It writes.  Perfectly decent thirty cent options exist that cover the same ground.

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