Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ads for Built-In Vacuums. How Did I Get Here?

If I post about the ads I see, will those ads start to become conscious of themselves?  They seem quite aware and linked to previous posts, so there's got to be a way to make them implode through a nested dissonance, no?

And if all the ads implode, how would I know that I need a built in vacuum cleaner, anyway?

I guess the point is that built-in vacuum cleaners are obligatory, default, and that I'm atypically unconcerned with those things that I should be concerned with, and that my meta-vacuum gambit will work in reverse to make me implode, and when that happens, I'll blog about it as well, and see which adds are "released" into the stream of consumption.

No doubt someone will profit from my breakdown.  Isn't that appropriate?  Or is it morally repugnant?

I can't even remember anymore which one I'm supposed to think> cue ads.

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