Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sobriety is the Beginning not the End.

There's a painful awakening process that occurs when you get sober.  It is this: getting sober is not enough.    It is only a condition toward further steps, not itself a "further step."

In other words: get sober.  Good.  Got sober.  Now what?

The journey is long, and although sobriety is part of that journey, other activities, events, people, and beautiful inspiration should fill your life.  You should not try to make friends solely because those friends are sober, or you can always talk about being sober.  It doesn't hurt, mind you.  Naturally, hanging out with folks who get cranked all the time won't help one bit.

But the point is to submerge yourself in a topic or set of topics that allow you to develop something outside of sobriety, or, if you prefer, with sobriety as a foundation.

It isn't easy to do stuff.  I don't know what stuff you like, or what stuff you are good at (those things don't need to be the same at all), but hey, it is worth the effort!  After all, what else is there, if not effort toward higher goals?

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