Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nice Big Creamy Frothy Double IPA!

Had a nice satisfying drink in my sleep last night.  A dream, I admit, and no hangover!

I'm always a mirror for those around me, and that's no different when those people are drunk.  I don't deign toward chemically induced profusion if not necessary for affect, and believe me, it is not necessary.  I found a nice slice of affect was still sitting there at the core of who I am, and that's not so bad, even if it isn't "perfectly balanced and rational and hyper aware."  Because fuck it, right?  Why not relax a bit with all these heavy bands of worry and fatigue?  What is the right way to live, I've asked, and repeated, to myself, all the while avoiding the question with the question.  What is the right way to live. What is the right way to breathe?  There is none.

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