Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Graphic on Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking Infographic


bloggerlikefrogger said...

Here I am, 2 weeks without alcohol, and it seems like a year. I'm not unhappy about not drinking at all, in fact I'm really enjoying it. I just thought I would lose weight quicker, which I haven't (but I feel better, and seem slimmer, so I don't know what means). I'm also sleeping like a mother fucker. Problem? The live-in boyfriend couldn't give a rats ass about this and continues to drink almost every night and is also a chronic pot smoker. This, in addition to problems we already have are (not) helping. I'm 40, childless, never been married, and so are most of our friends. Drinking is what we do! And now, for now, I don't and the man who says he loves me has literally both yelled at me for being a drunk and told me that he wished I would keep drinking because I'm boring without alcohol. He's boring when he's drunk, and I'm much more intuned to that now. Pisser......

Anonymous said...

A matter of semantics here -

I have been sober 28 years.

My understanding of the use of "binge" drinking terminology is this:

A binge is a protracted stretch of drunkedness - often weeks long - usually resulting in cessation of all alcohol until beginning the same behavior again.

Not sure it makes a difference -