Sunday, February 24, 2013

Not Cursed. Blessed.

I got that feeling today of being extremely lucky.  All of the things that represent the biggest challenges to me, that I can get really worked up concerning different possible scenarios.

They flipped.

I can't explain it so much as intuit it.   Instead of representing challenges to be overcome, they mutated into blessings for me to enjoy in the fullest, and I got a rush of good ole connection with those around me.

Instead of feeling threatened and making complicated excuses for my own emotional responses, I felt thankful.

Instead of trying to protect my ego by denigrating other people, I felt fortunate that I could be exposed to the challenge they represent.

If I couldn't respond to what someone was saying it meant not that they were stupid, but that I had to refine my beliefs.

I know this sounds quaint.  Trust me, when reading it I know.  I also know this is fundamentally true in a big way, a way that allows me to stand on my own shoulders and embrace that which I am submerged in, instead of trying to run away from it, or be scared.

Overwhelmingness and incomprehensibility are to be cherished sometimes.  Now happens to be one of those times.

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