Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday is the worst day. Alcoholic Ego.

It isn't Monday.  Or Sunday.  Or even "hump day."  It is saturday.


Only because it is relentless.

Only because it used to be the most hungover day of the week.

Because I only knew how to relax by being hungover.

Because I only knew how to not keep propelling myself forward into something, whatever, by drinking fiendishly.

Because I was obsessively egotistical, and Saturday was a test to my ego.  Which friends would call? Who would deem me important?  Who would I deem?

There's a cure to friends calling, or not calling.  Either way.  Drink.

See how easy?

And what else?  Only this: Alcoholics are manically self-absorbed, or depressingly self-absorbed, or both.  Almost everyone is, so this isn't a huge lift, but alcoholics more so, because we've purposefully stopped emotional growth, deciding how we want to live with every sip.

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