Saturday, January 19, 2013

Living Two Lives?

Ever get the feeling that the life you're leading--your job, family, hometown, school attended, etc.--is not your real life?  As in, those are just "temporary" indicia, bound to change upon a future event (*however opaque)?

Here I am, telling us all to wake up.  Neglecting people in your life for the sake of fantasy people, or a fantasy life, or something "real" that is not actually real and directly contradicts observable reality from a third person's perspective, can actually make us quite sociopathic.

Problem is, it is the exact same thing that can lead to fame and fortune and general high standing.

The capacity to endure one's current experience and "see" in "almost real terms" a future that is not like the present.

Really hard to splice these.

Combine the above with our never-ending need to be on a team of some sort, to be a total in-group player and to ostracize and beat the other team, and it starts to become clear that "sociopaths" are "heros" depending on your team, or, conversely, "heros" are "sociopaths"--either way.  And the idea that we update our beliefs according to evidence is laughably false.  We update them according to what we believed in the first place.

Makes reforming oneself darn difficult.

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