Friday, January 25, 2013

Hesitancy and Caution -

It strikes me that we as people are often not very hesitant or cautious in our thinking about other people.  This makes sense, on one hand, because when we judge others, we basically align ourselves with others who judge those others similarly--i.e. team-formation.  And teams are pretty much the most important single adaptation that humans have over all other species.  Teams with specified roles.

And so. One fallout from this evolutionary cognitive quirk is that it is easy to get into a brabble with others.  And it is even easier to judge others, especially when we've already aligned their team mentally.  Once this happens (i.e. you're a boston red sox and i'm a yankee), pretty much everything you do is because you're a boston red sox.  For me.  In your head, everything I do is because of my team affiliation. Naturally sports are like a "light" setting for this, but we're talking about assumptions that can:

--> Ruin Friendships
--> Pull marriages apart
--> Estrange lovers/sisters/brothers
--> Allow hate justification

And on and on.

Which is why hesitancy and caution are two extraordinarily under-rated emotional controls.

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