Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's Your Strategy?

Base default strategy exists.   Question isn't even really whether it is something inherent or experienced and adapted to dynamically.  It is both.  Question is more about figuring out what your (my) strategy is, in the abstract, so as to "know oneself" more fully and find maximizing techniques.  Life is difficult and pointless.  Why make it more difficult by doing everything according to someone else's rules? 

Most of my life exemplifies this path (subservience and deference).  Maybe that's why I felt the inexorable tug toward mini daily "rebellious acts" in the form of binges?  Maybe that's why the relief I felt in drinking, literally harming myself, was warranted: because I could escape the dictates of my over-lords, ya know?  

Strategy 1: Always following authority in a strict sense

Strategy 2: Always not following authority in a strict sense (constant rebellious acts)--note, this is often a good way to wind up working at starbucks, but at times, it is also a good way to get famous and rich.

Strategy 3: Quiet rebellion

Strategy 4: Placate as necessary, and move on.

More (complicated) strategies coming soon.  

Here's an interesting note, okay: IF, at the end of our lives, we don't face eternal peace and happiness and judgment day, every day on earth is equal to every other day, one for one.

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