Thursday, December 27, 2012

Don't Live According to Everyone Else

Be a rebel.  Don't drink.

Be a conservative cautious numbers person around your liberal wordy friends.

Find a link between the beauty and discipline.

Understand the patina of fatigue coating the commuters' faces.

Thrive on self-abnegation.

Remember: Being open-minded is by definition uncomfortable.  Try it out, write it up in the NYtimes as the latest fad.

Home-brewed monkism!  Asceticism!

Become beholden to standards you develop for yourself.

Try hard to have faith in the tumult of everyday.


Anonymous said...

i'm here, i;m reading.Day 1 for me.Thanks for the inspiration.

hmm said...

feel free to check in on day 2. you're almost there, after all, might as well let us know you've surfaced into a full diurnal/nocturnal cycle!