Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dueling Selves

1.  You may be very good at things you do not desire.

2. The things you desire may have no value to anyone but you. (The desired things may be boring, or worse)

In other words, simultaneously trying to assess your own values/preferences while trying to ascertain the demands of the world around you is messy because it is never quite possible to isolate one and measure it while moving the other.  My preferences change based on my location, and particularly, who I am with.  At least, they fluctuate.  More and more I'm learning what I prefer given a host of stimuli.  That's taken many many years of relative unhappiness precisely because it isn't easy to pinpoint one or the other.  Lots of times we might run around espousing a particular belief because we think we believe it.  And we're just plain wrong about believing that we believe it.

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