Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You Could Be Drastically Wrong

About a lot of things.  And by you I mean me.  Or us.  Or whomever.

In fact, you could be wrong about almost everything.  Worse, you might seek friends based on how much they agree with you, how they, that is,  support your ego.

(Goes without saying that the best friend in this regard is the bottle, no?).

((I'm not above saying that I could be wrong that you're wrong.))

But about fundamental assumptions and foundational worldviews--how people should act, for instance.  What situation we're in at any given moment.  Our positions.  Our longevity.  Our fallibility.

The bottom could fall out endlessly, is the point.  And there may be no way to find a bottom, worse yet.

So there is, perhaps, a balance, somewhere, between having faith and building certainty into our descriptive and prescriptive diagnoses, on one hand, and maintaining a certain intimate skepticism, on the other.

I'm struck that one of our fundamental attributes, and one that consistently makes us suffer (perhaps needlessly), is that we consistently tell ourselves that our strategic and emotional needs dictate descriptive reality, but by doing so, we choke out the possibility of fulfilling those needs.

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