Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Constantly Fighting the Urge Not To Care.

Sounds like depression.  You know they make pills for that these days?  And they work, too, so says all of the somewhat hopeful but still depressed people subscribing daily to an intake regiment of inhibitors, uptakers and soothers.

The idea is that depression exists in some fundamental way like bacteria exists.  I'm not entirely convinced.  I am convinced that taking prozac has helped a lot of people--taking it.   The act.  Because it is relatively easy.  It empowers us against something that we don't fully understand.

I'm generally pissed at the idea that we can understand everything, and that such understanding will matter.  I admit I'm partially pissed at it because working to understand things is hard.  Taking pills and assumptions is easier.  I admit that.  I admit it and get on the train every day like millions of others.

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