Thursday, April 28, 2011


The blog people in my computer could complete the title to this post--Today is a Nothing Day--but I wouldn't let them have their way with the typical autofill options, and swiftly cut off the additional baggage.  After all, what does it matter whether they are more correct than I want them to be?  It is easy to say things, like: "we need to live a life full of meaning."  It is easy to repeat catch phrases.  It is easy to go out and get drunk.  It is much harder to face things.  Here's the catch: there may be no return for facing the harder truths?  We like to think there will be, since there's an easier way out.  We want to feel that we struggle for something, for some purpose.  We like to value our hard work because it matters.  What if it doesn't matter?  What if everything would be the same if we drank, AND, life would be a bit more bearable?  It seems that to answer such a question affirmatively would be license to drink, so I won't go out and say the answer fully, autofill myself, even if I may be more correct than I want myself to be.

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