Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jealousy and Mental Health

I've caught myself being jealous of people that I perceive to have a greater level of mental health than myself.

As in, anyone who professes positive sentiments about the world, and/or seems well adjusted. 

In the immediate sense, such people could be annoying in their sweetness, like some hard candies are that also have a surprising liquid center.  Concurrently, though, those people demand a response because they have cut through the murk and tangle of emotion to just communicate directly, without innuendo, too many unwanted shades of meaning, or, mostly, lost references--most of their message is "on the page" as it were, so they can be responded to directly, and sincerely as well. 

To say it overtly, then, one of my assumptions must be that healthy well adapted people correlate in their affectation with a communicative style that is overt and explicit.  I'm not sure this is always the case though--aren't there perfectly well adjusted and highly referential communication stylists out there?  I suppose so, but their snarkiness, however intelligent--and however much I like their style--probably doesn't always correlate to mental health.

Well, I'm not so sure. What I am sure of is that I often feel a mixture of admiration and jealousy for people that can be plainly spoken, explicit in their preferences, and not try to a) use a highly referential style to indicate their own status, b) increase camaraderie through degradation of others, or c) be excessively moody--pretty much, now that I write it, everything I'm not.  Perhaps I think it only because it is what I am not.  Either way, it can serve you as the five minute thought of the day, and we'll all move on to dinner now.

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