Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Efficiency Against Unknowns: Love?

No matter how the past looked, we cannot know the future, even in the next second or millisecond. This is a fact that becomes occluded with experience, age, and what passes for wisdom.  Pattern recognition aids in predictive sagacity, there can be no doubt, and the ability to predict better than average may yield material wealth and longevity.  In our quest against the foreseeably unknown we do have tools.  One of them is the ability to trust someone else, or many others--coordination is the key to our having evolved into having such big brains, and not getting clobbered by larger foes long ago.  And it is coordination against foes that come into place when we have battles against other humans as well.  Thus, our ability to trust another person in the most fundamental way is paramount to our survival.   We try to tell people we trust this implicitly all the time, by agreeing with them about politics, or other people, for instance. We also tell them that we love them, which, if operationalized, would have to mean "I would give my life to your decision-making authority with little hesitation" wouldn't it?

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