Monday, December 27, 2010

Drinking for life.

Folks that might sink from the grey area of drinking a few beverages a day to straight out alcohol abuse later in life may receive stimulation from alcohol (instead of fatigue), and extended pleasure after consumption as compared to those that don't have as high a risk.  In short, booze gives you, problem drinker(s), or me, more of a high than it does for other people. 

Also, just like with smoking, drinking provides a reason for being, for going to seek companionship with other people, without showing yourself as weak or lonely.  "I'm here for a drink because the world out there is just too much, or got to me for whatever reasons.  Oh you have the same reasons? Well, aren't we on the same team for the evening."  This despite the fact that those same people, however deeply felt the connection, probably aren't willing to sacrifice too much of their freedom or money for your sake, only more of the experience that you bring by patronizing that bar or venue.

That's probably why it is hard to quit drinking, or quit smoking: until or unless the social costs of doing it outweigh the rewards, it is reinforced behavior that provides pleasure, even if it wreaks havoc physically or destroys other pillars of stable balanced life, like family.  As long as the companionship offered over beer is higher, it maintians itself.

That's also why, I think, everyone has a drinking story.  Fundamentally, because they could feel and be wanted, part of a group, and relatively safe in this sense.  Besides the weather, or pets, drinking stories are almost always "safe" conversation motivators outside of work, let's say, or where it may become embarrassing to reveal certain behaviors.  Another interesting thing about alcohol related stories is that they get competitive quickly.  My experience was so far out there that nothing else can compare as the underlying element.  And you know what, for potential or realized alcoholics, they're right.  They really were in a more pleasurable state than you were, and they'll be pretty fucking righteous about that.  In fact, boozers can even be fucking righteous about their sobriety.  Something I apologize for if I've reached that disgusting state at times.

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