Thursday, July 10, 2014


Hope is a very delicate thing.  It is hard to quantify and easy to abuse and quite possibly dangerous to harbor.  It deludes us at times, and we are wont to use it as a tool for staying deluded.

And yet we need it.

Without it, I'm fairly sure that I would perish.

And yet it is hard to keep up, to hold out.

Allowing your hope to fill a previously empty structure, that is, shifting goals and moving on, but still maintaining hope, is a delicate dance.

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NG said...

Hope is something so precious, but has to come from a place of real truth I think. I hoped for a long time that m boyfriend would slow down drinking. This "hope" then slow turns into wanting to control a situation that I just couldn't. Real hope is in me to want more for myself than an unhealthy dynamic. Just because I love him I don't have to stay and always lose to the third person in our relationship, alcohol. A relationship is for two, and there were three of us. I sincerely want him to have hope, for himself, to find that hope in him for a better life. To stop standing in the way of himself and allow himself to be the wonderful man he is beneath the addiction. He comes from an alcoholic family, with its associated enabling and denial - so he has a hard path to walk. If he had been ready, I would have walked with him. He's not - so I have left with love and no judgement, but with no other choice . For those struggling with the physical withdrawal - I am training to be a nutritionist and know there can be great relief in helping to rebalance our body chemistry that way, so worth looking for a naturopath or nutritionist to speed recovery as anyone who has quit deserves all the support in the world. it would be able to help the sleep, irritation, sugar lows ect. Meditation too can really help forge that connection back to self and calm the body mind. Going to a class always best i think as alone you can be a little bored and wondering what to have for dinner :). Good luck to anyone quitting. I think you are all brave and brilliant.