Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not Being Scared of Failure.

That might sound like a fancy way to talk about some mostly soft and emotional concept, but it's not.  Here's the book.  McArdle is especially cogent and tight in her writing.  Forgetting about all of the technical background to her eloquent chapters, there is this: we live in a culture where we're quite afraid to fail, which makes us less likely to try new things, and those of us who have succeeded, obsessed with keeping our status--that is, trying to do things perfectly the first time.

McArdle says it is important to engage, that progress and success happens in increments, small increments, and that nobody has pure success without lots an lots of iterations first.  It is a really important less for anyone who has thought of themselves as imperfect, and thought of this imperfection as pure failure.  It is okay not to be perfect.  It is okay to try.  It is okay to play a little and experiment with things to figure them out.


D said...

Hi my name is darragh and I trying to give up now for while but get to 10 days or so and away I go again then I start trying then it just the same shit all over I will never be able to have a few so I need the break can't seem to do it thought I prob need help

dizzy said...

Hi darragh. 10 days is pretty,good. Obviously, you dont have any reason, e.g. health, family, job to quit? Ya, I posted a comment below. Im calling myself dizzy. Cause that is why stopped drinking. I was felling dizzy all the time. I think it was because I started drinking so young. Around 5 years old. So now I am 50. 45 years of drinking. I have been 100% sober for about 24 days. Dizziness is almost totally gone. But not completely. Energy is way up. Lost some weight. Looking better. Don't want to start drinking ever again. Haven't been put in a situation yet where I have to drink to seem normal. Wife drinks rarely..fufu drinks. I have booze in the house in case I need it for visitors. Sort of crave a drink, but I believe the heavy, physical needs is gone. Now I got the mental issues.