Sunday, May 25, 2014

Packaging Your Message 2

But the larger reason that it matters that we take care to communicate with empathy and thoroughness (see yesterday's post), is that we could be wrong.  Our assumptions that a) what we're saying is coherent, b) that it is logically represented, and c) that we have stated it lucidly, are self-serving and hard to check, especially when we are emotionally engaged with the material.

This is probably worth a larger post on its own, but I'd argue that our capacity to understand that we could be wrong in any given situation should be used much more widely than it is.    Why assume that you make sense?  Isn't that the lazy way out?  If you're the rare person that doesn't have to make sense when talking with someone else (and who could this be?  even billionaires, or especially billionaires, have communications that demand precision), then don't worry about it.

But I guess my "test" or way around this problem is this: assume you are wrong, and then communicate from that starting point.  Seek less comfort.

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Dizzy said...

Your post seems overly educated or something. Seems a bit weird. I haven't had a drink for 14 days as of about an hour ago. Drank off and on, sometimes everyday, sometimes skip a day, sometimes 1 beer, sometimes 10 shots. I know my brain was affected. I started getting dizzy. All the time. Blood pressure going way up. Had to know it off. Blah blah...Some of this stuff makes for good reading when trying to clean up. Your post is not that great. Sorry. Just looking for a place to post that was current.