Monday, August 19, 2013

Certain Comments Not Allowed

Comments that say you're currently drinking, for instance.

Plans to get sober, but present boozing, do not qualify you for writing about sobriety, or getting any of the support from sober people.  Sorry.  I'm just going to delete them.  If you've been sober for even one day, fine, comment all you like.


Anonymous said...

I understand your point exactly. Their are people struggling here with the transitional weeks and months of their sobriety and then there are those that are still drinking and are contemplating coming clean. There are some that have cut back on their intake and feel justified in their failure to stop. (Ie. I am not perfect but an occasional glass is better than an entire bottle). Making that decision to quit alcohol is huge and enduring the on coming battle with the demons to stay sober is difficult at best. This blog is about support and learning how best to manage your new found sobriety both physically and spiritually. It is not a place for those who continue to drink and read about the struggles and journeys of those who have. Thank you for this blog and most of all your interest and concern for those who use it.
Carlo (clean, sober and happy since January 2009)

Freddie Zonko said...

Does twelve days qualify - yeh me! Feeling good but awful headache which I'm hoping is the toxins working out of my system. Stumbled on your excellent blog and spending the extra hours, which the days seem to have gained, reading back.