Tuesday, September 28, 2010

No Coffee??

And would you look at that.  An entire day has floated by without the mention of anything non-alcoholic in a particularly alcoholic state of mind.  How fruitful and joyous.  Yes, yes, it is true that I've not been drinking all damn day, sitting here at work, and tried something particularly anti-schizophrenic: not drinking any coffee.  Or any caffeinated tea, for that matter.  I have no idea why I tried to double dip my abstemious attitude into the foray of caffeine, but so far the results are decidedly excellent: much more energy and stability, to start.

Previously (i.e. the last 10 years?) I'd been coming home every day and drinking booze.  But in the morning I would drink coffee.  Not that much, mind you, but enough to get me going, and then at other times, I'd drink more coffee, even after alcohol. Lately I've been extremely fatigued and basically exhausted at the end of the day, even starting in the early afternoon.  There's a medical reason for it (high calcium), but I've also been drinking very strong coffee every damn day, coffee I made here (*yes, I'm at work), trying to save a buck by not buying it by the cup.  And so this morning I made some mint tea instead, as yesterday proved trying, to say the least: I just wasn't very productive.  And, however much a job may not provide for the mental, emotional or spiritual self--and might just barely tinkle toward the beginning of pecuniary satisfaction--it is something I spend the majority of my time at every day, and something I want to be worthwhile, if only for my own selfish interests of living a decently rounded and fulfilling life.

So, I just didn't drink coffee today.  None.  For what it may be worth, I read that caffeine may result in the body operating in a stressed out "flight or fight" mode, elevating the circulation of certain hormones, and making the adrenal gland overactive.  If that's true, then it means that my lack of energy isn't due to my general state, or isn't wholly due to my general state, however pathetic, but is in fact due to the precise elixir I turn to for spiritual refreshment on a daily and consistent basis.  For the record, I didn't suffer any headaches today, or increased fatigue.  But I'm a 3-cuppa coffee per day kinda guy, and I know the coffee I've been making is stronger than the average stuff out there in name brand coffee shops.

I'll spare you and myself further elaboration and just go home now.

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Betty said...

Hello. I found your blog last night and am going through the old posts. Really enjoying it, thanks.
One thing I've noticed since I stopped drinking (and it's been about a month now) is that I'm feeling sensitive to caffeine. Having always been a tea drinker, I've this last year morphed into a coffee-every-morning person. Usually that'll be it for the day, but it's a strong coffee, plunger-style.
Anyway, since stopping drinking I notice that I'm not really enjoying the coffee so much - like the anticipation of it is better than the actual enjoyment. And I feel edgy an unfocused. And if I happen to have a coffee later in the day, I really don't sleep well.
Anyway, thanks for another reminder to maybe cut back to tea most days and coffee only once in a while. If not cut it out altoghether.
Looking forward to reading the rest of your blog :-)