Monday, January 2, 2017

Alcohol and Anxiety

The single hardest thing to do when getting sober is tamping down anxiety.


It is at the core of all good alcoholics out there.

Anxiety is not a very easy subject, mostly because it cannot be conquered.  It cannot be concluded.  That's the nature of it. To quiet it is to die.  And death only begets more anxiety.

Can't die to stay sober.  Gotta live.

And if you've gotta live, and you gotta figure out sobriety, you gotta figure out anxiety.

Sticky wicket that.

But conquer anxiety and you conquer alcohol.  Now, how to do that exactly?


Michelle said...

You are back!
That's great, my first week sober I read all your posts so it is nice to see you again :)

Ha Anxiety.
Anxiety created somewhere from early childhood -
Untreated (how to treat it anyway) becomes unbearable
Alcohol fixes anxiety - then makes it 1000 x worse
Then your life becomes terrible
Then you quit alcohol
Then you are left with your anxiety

Chicken egg chicken egg

Anne Ainsobriety said...

I found I couldn't even begin to deal with my anxiety until I was sober. It was impossible to tell what was me and what was booze.

Turns out I have severe generalized anxiety, but therapy and meds have changed my life!

hmm said...

thanks michelle, we'll see how often, but your comment is appreciated.