Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Club

Wherever you wish.  Film it, if you can, and we'll pawn it later, to fund our first house, raise kids on the royalties, and denounce the puritans who rarefy all that is bad with everything we don't like.  How sweet it could be--can't you see?  At least they'll know where they came from, right?  No more wondering about it.

Slither into my energy, my peacekeeper, and find a hollowed out grave for safe keeping for your valuables, where we might appreciate them through the process of fermentation, make them sweet like kombucha and honey.

Filter out the rinky dinky little thoughts of panagyric fantasy, blessing yourself with a smite bit of delusion and, shall we indulge? - ecstasy.

I loved you, once upon a time, in a world that we inhabited.  I loved you, and you were more than just a drug.  I promise you that much.  There are no conclusions when worlds slowly shift, disintegrate in such a fuzz of synth.

So much for the tears.  So much for these long and wasted years.

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Dizzy said...

I believe being intoxicated almost every night, many afternoon s, and a few mornings for the major portion of my life,was not a waste. I enjoyed myself. I almost liked being hungover. I partied like a rock star. I managed to have a decent life. It is easy to second guess if I never drank. Maybe I'd be dead...turning left instead of right. I look at sobriety as a new chapter. I don't look at being a drunk as a waste. Bottom line for me is that drinking, like so many other "body damaging" things is a young mans game. That is all.,