Saturday, July 27, 2013

Alcoholics are Sugar Addicts, Too -

Alcohol is a super carb.   When you're drinking it, it is also as if you've switched over to eating highly refined carbs, which seriously mess with insulin levels, amongst other things.  Therefore, to get clean and sober, you must think hard about nutrition, and how you'll deal with cravings, which are often the sign of low blood sugar, not a maligned psychopathic need to drink booze, per se.  Just that booze offers the kind of warm fuzzy sugar rush that we all get quite used to.  So, for one, you can supplement with amino acids.  L-Glutamine will control sugar in yer blood--and your brain can use it instead of glucose to run.

Eat more protein (but not too much, but include some at each meal), and try to eat regularly, in general.  You're not a misanthropic heretic because you've succumbed to a craving or two (or 20k).  You don't need to denigrate yourself endlessly because you drank when you didn't know better.  But now that you know better...

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